HTML and CSS are critical components for websites to exist. HTML stand for Hypertext Markup Language and is a sort of language used for describing different web pages. HTML is a plain-text language that requires any text editor to serve a purpose. Examples of these text editors are Adobe Dreamweaver, Text Wrangler and Sublime Text. CSS on the other hand stands for Cascading Style Sheets and this is a sort of language used to describe HTML. It also describes how assignments should be rendered in media such as paper or on screen. CSS is beneficial from the aspect of having the ability to be both internal and external from an HTML page. Specifically for an external CSS file they can be used on multiple HTML pages. HTML and CSS are very critical because they are the structure of any website. We learned this in class when we found out the coding behind our Dreamweaver websites and all of the coding that goes into that website. One can add HTML to WordPress by simply clicking on the “Text” tab when editing a blog. You are then able to insert short codes to edit text on blogs. For instance, in order to insert italics the short code is: <em>italic text here</em>

Getting started with HTML, CSS – By Jannet Walsh

About HTML, CSS, Web Design – By Jannet Walsh

Photo by  wikimedia
Photo by wikimedia